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Pest Control in Redditch

At Ames part of Safeguard, we are passionate about ridding you of your pests. We are a leading pest control agency in the UK and have been trading for over 30 years and are proud to cover the Redditch area. Whether at home or at work, we provide professional pest control services to ensure that your pest problems are acted on as quickly as possible. We are proud to offer our services to Redditch, helping families and businesses stay pest-free.

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Some of the pests we can help with include:

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Read on to find out more about Redditch and the kinds of pests that frequent this town.

Most Frequent Pests

Redditch has many frequent and bothersome pests. Two of the most common pests in Redditch are rats and squirrels.


Rats are carriers of diseases in our environments and they can cause enormous damage to houses and commercial premises. Our Ames part of Safeguard rat control service is available to all commercial and domestic clients. We offer rat extermination services that will completely rid you of your rat infestation. To successfully exterminate rats, they must be allowed to feed from a rodenticide several times, possibly over a two to three week period.

Our services can also include return visits for the removal of controlled rats, hygiene cleaning and sanitising affected areas, including deep cleans to remove any rat droppings from your premises or home. Not only will we remove the pest but we do our best to remove anything they leave behind as well to make sure your home is the clean and pest-free sanctuary it once was.


Squirrels can be a real pest. Sure, we all like to feed them in the park but once they try to enter our home we are not happy. At Ames part of Safeguard we specialise in squirrel and vermin control.

Grey squirrels are a common home pest as they can get into loft spaces and attics with ease, causing a lot of damage in their wake. Not only are they troublesome, gnawing through electrical wiring and damaging your home, but they can keep you awake at night by making an incredible amount of noise.

Beware, placing squirrel poison (warfarin) around the home when untrained to do so is not advisable due to the risk to children and other animals.

Using such products can feel inhumane for some people, which is why we offer other solutions as well. Various squirrel repellents and deterrents are available including water deterrents for gardens and ultra-sonic squirrel repellents. However, permanent squirrel removal from your property usually requires a professional.

A Bit of History About Redditch and Our Pest Control Service

Historical Redditch is a town south of Birmingham. It is known locally by the nickname ‘The Ditch’. The name Redditch historically comes from a little Arrow Brook which flows into the River Arrow and runs through a layer of clay, often turning the water red.

The first recorded mention of Redditch is in 1348, the year of the outbreak of the Black Death. This bubonic plaque was spread through fleas that were transported on the backs of rats. All very pleasant.

In 1538 Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of monasteries in England and the community living near the Abbey moved from the lowland near the River Arrow to drier ground where the Town Centre stands today. After the dissolution the town of Redditch began to grow. A number of houses and small cottages grouped around the cross roads at what is now Church Green and the population continued to grow as the needle industry prospered. It was soon found necessary to bring the chapel nearer to the community and a chapel was built on the green, on the site now occupied by the Parish Church.

Redditch then began to take shape as we know now. Schools and churches were built and the town soon became a parish. A few years later, the railway came to Redditch, while its roads to other towns were improved, and a new road made to Brimingham. It was a century of great activity and the boundaries began to expand.

Famous For

Redditch is most famous for its needle making and fishing. So much so, that you can visit Forge Mill Needle Museum. It is a fascinating place which illustrated the right heritage of the needle and fishing tackle industries. By the 19th century, Redditch lead the way in needle production and other metal based trades such as fish hook and spring manufacture.

It was the growth of these trades that encouraged people to live and work in Redditch. As a result, the population steadily grew during the 20th century. This continued as more industries came into town and the manufacture of needles and fishing tackles was joined by motorbikes, batters, springs and more.

Here at Safeguard, we are proud to offer our pest control services to Redditch. We deal with all pest controls quickly, effectively and at a competitive price. So, why not give us a call now and discuss your pest problem with us? We would be happy to help!

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