Rat Control in Leicester

Rat Control in Leicester for Commercial and Domestic Property

We are experts in delivering industry-leading rodent control to help with problems such as rats, mice and other vermin at commercial or domestic property based in Leicester. As specialists in the removal of almost any type of pest, we can offer a tailor-made solution for rat control in Leicester based on over 30 years of experience.

Our team gives you access to the most thorough and astute pest control service in Leicester, with pest infestation technicians that can get to the root of your rat problem with lasting solutions and innovative prevention strategies.

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By using our cost-effective pest control services you get first-class rat proofing and removal, along with the following unique advantages of our pest control company:

  • Bespoke pest control treatment: Whether your pest problem requires insect control, bird control, rat control or a combination of all of them – we will develop a bespoke solution to your pest problem. Our team will take into account the situation of your home or business to decide the best option.
  • Complete pest removal: We provide complete pest removal, which is very important when dealing with rats. In built-up areas such as Leicester, you will find a lot of potential food sources or entry points for rats – and we can find solutions that include deterrents, repellents and other preventative strategies.
  • Ongoing monitoring: Our team can observe your business premises, as well as domestic buildings under the management of landlords and housing associations, to spot signs of a problem and resolve them before they get out of hand. Pre-emptive actions help you to save on costs in the longer term.

Whether you require an initial assessment of your pest issue, have problem areas where you want us to provide rat-proofing or need an emergency solution to a problem you have just discovered – we can help. Our reliable service will deliver fast rat control in Leicester and the surrounding areas. 

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Why You Need Our Rat Proofing and Removal Services

As a local pest control company operating in Leicester, we understand the common problems that many people face within the city. Armed with a clear idea of the sort of situations people most commonly face from rats, we can provide solutions to the issues that are a real headache in many homes and businesses. 

As rats often pose grave concerns to human and animal health, you need pest technicians with the best skills. Our pest control company is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), which shows our commitment to quality and the reputation we maintain in the industry.

We offer first-class pest control in all aspects of our work, including our services in controlling and removing rats. Our quality services will benefit commercial and residential buildings in the following crucial ways – that add value to a property:

  • Removal of health hazards: Rats spread disease and generally make for a dirty and unpleasant environment. Our rodent control services come with excellent cleaning, which can make the areas where the rats have taken hold not only free of health hazards but completely clean and ready for use.
  • Prevention of property damage: Rats gnaw through electrical or communication cables, construction materials and destroy walls to gain entry to warmth or a food source. With effective rat-proofing, we can stop the destruction of infrastructure, material and stocks in any home or business.
  • Peace of mind: Thinking about the possibility of a rat infestation is a sure way to experience stress and anxiety. As a result of our comprehensive services and continuous monitoring, we can provide ongoing peace of mind for you and eliminate any threat of a pest infestation from cropping up in your thoughts.
  • Better reputation: If you are a business, local authority, housing association or private landlord then your reputation means everything. We provide the highest quality services and guarantee the best rat proofing and removal, so you can protect your reputation from the issues that money cannot fix.

We deliver first-class rat control in Leicester and all of the other areas we serve. If you require a reliable partner to get rid of what can be very dangerous pests, we are the sensible choice. You can rely on our fast response times and professional results, whether you need occasional monitoring or an emergency solution.

The quality of our services earns us a lot of happy customers, who are keen to give us excellent reviews and share their experiences of working with us. You can view our customer reviews page for more details. See what one happy person says below:

“You have indeed been outstanding in what you do … a company proud to use and to associate with. We love your guys and you are the best in the market. We have no plans to look elsewhere. Keep up the good work, please.” – Abdelhak Tighlit, CEO – Founder.

Other accreditations that demonstrate our ability to handle all sorts of pest control problems include our SafeContractor approved status and our membership of the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA).

Reliable and Cost-effective Rat Control in Leicester

If you want an assured result to the highest standards we are the only solution in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Whether you are experiencing problems with rats, birds or anything else – we can find the best solution for any home or business.

We can help with any scale of a rat problem and mitigate the effects of all pests, with cost-effective results from reliable and experienced pest technicians in any situation. If you would like to get your free quote please feel free to get in touch with us.

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