Protect Fruit Trees from Birds with Pest Control Methods

Commercial fruit growers are all too aware of the problem pest birds can do to their crops. You might think everyone would implement pest control methods, but many will take the potential losses and incur the cost as part of their fruit production. However, other growers may decide that it’s wiser
to protect their trees from pest birds in an attempt to lower their losses and increase the value of their crop.

Obviously, it’s up to each grower to decide whether the benefits and costs of having pest control methods outweigh the potential fruit losses.

fruit tree netting x

Let’s look at the most common pest control methods of protecting fruit trees from birds:

Netting x


This method prevents the birds from getting to the fruit. However, it can be expensive and very labour intensive to install and maintain. 


These include the senses of taste, smell, sight and hearing.

  • Taste – Repellents applied directly to the fruits to deter feeding.
  • Motion – Sprinklers, lights or artificial kites of hunting birds. Holographic ribbons. Scare-windmills; these have wind-blades that are painted with UV light reflecting paint and are said to resemble a flock of startled birds taking off.
  • Sight/Auditory – Models of owls which also produce predator calls, followed by bird distress calls. Models/flying kites of hunting birds. A visual scare of ‘terror eyes’ can be used to confuse pest birds with predator markings and reflective eyes.
  • Good old-fashioned scarecrows or the latest designs that have infrared sensors that detect the birds and squirts a jet of water to startle them.Auditory – Cannons and bird distress callers which cause fear or pain when the decibels are set to the correct levels; however, for these to be wholly effective the pest bird species needs to be identified. Holographic tapes.


Natural predators are becoming widely used in large commercial orchards. Placing owl nesting boxes and encouraging a natural environment for predators to live is being used an effective way to control pest birds.

It’s also worth noting that birds aren’t as silly as you may think. They’ll soon learn that the deterrents aren’t real and completely ignore them – no doubt you’ve seen a scarecrow that’s being ignored by the birds. You need to adopt a pro-active pest control approach and consider using more than one deterrent if necessary to protect your fruit.

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