Pest Control Issues in Rented Properties

Landlords or Tenants Responsible for Pest Control Issues?

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Nowadays, landlords and tenants are often at odds about who should take responsibility for pest control issues within rented properties.  This ranges from who should call in the professional company, to who should pay for these services, to whose responsibility it is to carry out any recommendations; such as cleaning and proofing works.

What if it’s Unclear or Not Stated in the Contract?

Such situations can be avoided when both parties have a clear understanding of who has which responsibility and this is the first step towards avoiding conflict in the future.  These details can usually be found within the rental contract.

If these details cannot be found within the contract it is recommended that those involved speak with a solicitor, the local authority, and fellow tenants.

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Keep in mind that tenants should adopt the necessary measures to ensure that their rented property will not be a haven for pests; such as rodents, bedbugs and fleas. Keeping clean, sanitary and hygienic surroundings in and out of your rented place is a must for results-effective pest control.

Of course, your landlord has the responsibility of keeping the structure habitable by keeping up with replacements and repairs. Poor building design, construction and maintenance as well as disrepair can make any structure prone to pest infestation.

For example, when you leave your kitchen in disarray with crumbs, crusts and leftovers, you should not expect your landlord to pay for the pest related issues arising from this. However, when your landlord lets the building fall into disrepair, thus encouraging the ingress of pest infestations, then the responsibility for paying the costs should fall on to his shoulders.

The bottom line: Both the landlord and tenant have their roles and responsibilities in effective pest management.

Whether you are a landlord looking to clear your buildings of rodents or a tenant who has a flea infestation, Safeguard is a pest control company that can help.

Please get in touch with one of our pest control advisors using our Contact Page.

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