Avoid Financial Issues With a Regular Pest Control Contracts For the Food Production Industry in London

The threat of pests infiltrating your food production facility should be a serious and immediate concern for businesses in London. From a financial standpoint, the consequences can be devastating, causing disrupted operations, substantial fines, and even the potential closure of your business. The best solution is a proactive pest control contract tailored for the food industry. Our fleet of technicians across London specialises in tailored pest control contracts, working to prevent emergencies rather than fix them.

Our team will tailor their work to both your industry and your facilities, which all starts with a thorough survey, identifying current pest issues and potential warning signs for future ones. From there, we can work to protect your building from pests, and can also deal with any emergencies should they occur. This comprehensive and regular service will save you money from emergency work, fines, and lost business, helping your food business thrive.

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The Financial Peril Food Businesses Can Face From Pests

As a food production business, pests within your facilities pose significant financial risks that demand immediate attention. Here are some of the financial risks you could face without a clear plan in place:

  • Lost or Destroyed Produce: Pests can contaminate your food products, rendering them unfit for consumption and resulting in significant financial losses.
  • Expensive Emergency Pest Control: Reactive pest control measures can be costly, especially during emergency situations when pests have already infiltrated your facility. It is far cheaper to block a potential entry point than deal with a rat infestation.
  • Fines: UK regulatory bodies can impose substantial fines on businesses that fail to meet the required pest hygiene standards, adding further financial strain. These fines are based on turnover, meaning they will be significant regardless of the size of your business.
  • Lost Business from Pest Incidents: Negative publicity and customer dissatisfaction resulting from pest incidents can lead to a decline in sales and damage to your reputation. This can occur whether you are customer-facing or selling to other food production companies.
  • Product Recalls: Pest-related contamination may necessitate costly product recalls, which can have a detrimental impact on your brand image and profitability.
  • Temporary or Permanent Business Closure: In severe cases, recurring pest problems and non-compliance with regulatory standards could result in the temporary or permanent closure of your business. This will result in legal fees, and the complete loss of your income, which can easily become catastrophic.

To protect your food production business from these potentially devastating financial risks, it is essential to implement a comprehensive and regular pest control solution. By proactively addressing pest issues through a tailored pest control contract, you can prevent infestations, respond swiftly to emergencies, and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Our team has long pushed for change in the industry, through regulation, documentation, and collaboration. By partnering with Safeguard, your food production business will gain access to expert guidance and customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How a Tailored Pest Contract Could Aid Your Business

Safeguard’s tailored pest control contracts offer a comprehensive solution to the financial risks associated with pests in your food production business. Our team will work to proactively address pest issues before they become significant problems, reducing the likelihood of product contamination, fines, and shutdowns of your business.

We’ll start with a thorough survey of your property, and then work with you on a contract for regular work. Each contract is wholly bespoke, built around an understanding of your food business, meaning you’ll only be paying for what you actually need. For a food production facility, this could mean pests like rodents, insects, and birds, all of which can be dealt with in-house by our technicians. We’ll work with you to ensure your building is a pest-free environment, protecting you from the various financial risks pests can bring. 

What Sets Safeguard PEST CONTROL Apart

Over our 30 years of pest control work, we’ve established ourselves at the forefront of the industry, with a dedicated team, modern approach, and simple contract system. Here are some key reasons to choose us as a pest control partner:

In-House Work: All of our standard pest control work is conducted in-house, by the same technician whenever possible, ensuring a consistently high-quality and friendly service. 

Accredited and Certified: We are a member of groups like the BPCS, are accredited under CHAS and Constructionline, and our technicians hold a range of certifications for work in confined spaces and at height. We believe in demonstrating our commitment to quality, environmental support, and industry modernisation through our accreditations. 

Forward Thinking: We have long pushed for regulation and change within the pest control industry. Today we are proud to operate under CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) principles which ensure that prevention is prioritised, and all work is justified through documentation.

By choosing Safeguard, you can save money over time by preventing costly pest-related incidents and damage to your products. Our tailored contracts provide peace of mind, ensuring that your food production business is protected from the many financial risks associated with pests.


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