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The presence of pests within your food production facility, from rats to cockroaches to nesting birds, not only puts your employees at risk but also exposes your company to potential legal consequences. As an employer, you have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for your staff.

By implementing thorough and effective pest control measures, you can ensure the safety and happiness of your employees, while also avoiding fines, maintaining productivity, and protecting your reputation.

Safeguard Pest Control offers a tailored solution to the unique challenges faced by food production companies. Our bespoke pest control contracts are designed to meet your specific needs, backed up by our dedicated, expert staff across the city. We’ll prioritise the well-being of your employees and strive to create a working environment that is safe, hygienic, and pest-free.

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The Health and Safety Risks of Pests Within Food Production

Pests can pose several key risks to the health and safety of food production employees. From contaminating food products to transmitting diseases and even causing structural damage, pests can jeopardise employee well-being and compromise the integrity of your production process.

Here are just some of the different ways pests could endanger your workforce:

  • Contaminating Your Workspace: Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and flies can contaminate an area by leaving droppings, urine, hair, or saliva. This can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and allergens, posing a significant risk to the health of both your employees and the consumers of your food products.
  • Disease Transmission: Certain pests, such as rats and flies, are known carriers of disease. Rats can transmit diseases like leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonellosis, while flies can spread bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. These diseases can be easily transmitted to employees through contaminated surfaces or food products.
  • Allergic Reactions: Pests like cockroaches and dust mites produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Employees exposed to allergens may experience symptoms such as respiratory issues, skin rashes, and eye irritation, which can significantly impact their health and well-being.
  • Damage to Infrastructure: Pests can also cause structural damage to your building, equipment, and stored products. For example, rodents gnaw on electrical wires and packaging materials, posing fire hazards and increasing the risk of equipment malfunctions. This can jeopardise employee safety and disrupt production processes.
  • Slip and Fall Hazards: Pests can leave behind droppings, urine, or excrement, creating slippery surfaces that increase the risk of slips and falls for employees. This can lead to injuries, ranging from minor bruises to more severe fractures or sprains.

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to minimise such threats to health and safety within your facilities.

Your Legal Responsibilities

Providing a safe workspace is a legal requirement for employers in the UK. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 imposes a duty on employers to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of their employees. Failure to comply with this act and other related regulations can lead to enforcement notices, fines, and even potential imprisonment. 

Beyond the legal consequences, neglecting workplace safety jeopardises the well-being of employees and can result in accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Should such events occur due to lapses on your part, you could be opened up to private legal action. Employers must therefore prioritise workplace safety, implement necessary measures, and train employees to create a secure and productive work environment. 

When it comes to dealing with pest issues and their threats to your staff, having a regular pest control partner can work to stop your problems in their tracks.


Prioritise Employee Health and Safety With Our Contracts

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees is crucial, especially when it comes to addressing the risks posed by pests. Pests can contaminate the food you produce, transmit diseases, cause structural damage, and create slip and fall hazards, all putting employee health and safety at risk.

We offer pest control contracts to food production businesses across the UK, with our team working alongside you to stop pests in their tracks. Our focus is always on prevention whenever possible, helping to minimise your health risks. 

Your contract will be built upon a thorough survey, ensuring everything you need will be covered, and that you’ll only be paying for relevant services. Our team of in-house technicians perform all standard work, with the training, experience, and equipment needed to treat the full range of pests you could encounter.


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