Enhance Your Services With Effective Mice Control in London

If you lack the in-house expertise to tackle mice problems for your clients, our team are available to add licensed, effective mice control to your service offerings.

Safeguard follows rigorous protocols to proactively prevent infestations across London. Don’t wait for clients to spot signs of a mouse problem, partner with Safeguard and benefit from our tailored contracts and seamless coordination.

Strengthen Your Business Offerings

Adding Safeguard’s premier pest control services will provide your business with immense strategic value beyond just tackling mice issues:

  • Provide more comprehensive facility management to clients under one roof.
  • Ensure more efficient operations with our unified scheduling and dispatching.
  • Expand your service arsenal by offering niche expertise your team lacks.
  • Reduce the risk of losing accounts due to client dissatisfaction with pest problems.
  • Enhance your competitive edge in the market, providing the end-to-end facility services London businesses seek.
  • Allow your team to focus on your core cleaning services.

Mice Threaten Your Reputation

As a London-based cleaning and support provider, a mice infestation on your clients’ premises poses a severe threat. Mice spread dangerous pathogens through droppings and contaminated food. Their constant gnawing and nesting inside walls cause costly structural damage, and nothing hurts your reputation faster than clients associating your services with the presence of unwelcome pests. Mice problems lead to angry clients, facility shutdowns for deep cleaning, and even lost business if the infestation is severe.

Call Us if You Spot These Signs

As cleaning staff, you have an advantage in identifying mice infestations early before major issues arise. Be proactive and watch for these common signs of mice as you service facilities:


Check inside cabinets and closets for small, dark-coloured droppings along walls or behind equipment.

Gnaw marks

Mice will chew on wood, plastic, and drywall. Inspect baseboards, wire casings, and wall corners for teeth marks.

Damaged packages

Look for ripped bags, chewed boxes, or spilt powders and grains from mice accessing foodstuffs.

Musky smells

Concentrated mouse urine gives off a strong, musty odour, especially near nests.

Smears on walls

Greasy rub marks along walls indicate common travel paths. Watch behind appliances and furniture.

Chewed wires

Mice can gnaw through insulation on electrical wires, posing a fire hazard.

Pest Control That Protects Your Operations

Safeguard’s mice control services provide the ideal solution to proactively rid your clients’ facilities of these widespread pests. Our comprehensive offerings and dedication to prevention and treatment protocols align perfectly with facility support services to help you deliver pristine, pest-free environments. We are able to expertly handle mice, alongside a full range of other pests, tailoring service contracts to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to target a specific pest like mice, or looking to cover a certain area of London.

Mice Control Can Expand Your Reach

As a cleaning and facility support provider, bringing Safeguard Pest Control on board to handle mice control offers immense strategic benefits for your business:

Enhanced Service Offerings

By partnering with Safeguard for pest control, you can bundle and package our mice control services alongside your existing cleaning and facility offerings. This allows you to provide clients with more comprehensive and integrated facility management through a single provider. Having pest control handled by Safeguard as part of your bundled services gives you an edge over competitors with more limited offerings.

Increased Customer Value

The addition of licensed, advanced mice removal and prevention by Safeguard’s experts increases the overall perceived value and scope of your service capabilities in the eyes of customers. Clients will appreciate having access to dedicated pest control without needing to shop around and coordinate with multiple vendors individually.

Expanded Client Base

Safeguard’s industry-leading reputation in commercial pest control provides an opportunity to readily expand your client base. By offering both advanced cleaning services and quick support in the event of a pest infestation, you can engage a larger number of clients, providing a fantastic service to them.

Added Revenue Stream

As a value-added service for clients, you can generate incremental revenue by including Safeguard’s mice control as part of your bundled offerings. This provides an additional income stream on top of your existing cleaning and facility support services. Our upfront and competitive pricing structure will help make this a profitable addition to your team. The more comprehensive the service package you can offer, the higher the premium you can command.

Our Thorough Mice Control Process

Our highly trained, licensed technicians will conduct thorough site inspections to identify any entry points, signs of infestation, or conditions attracting mice. After a strategic assessment, we design a tailored mice control program using humane trapping, targeted proofing and food source security. We’ll implement strict prevention measures to keep mice out long-term. With regular follow-ups, we’ll ensure your clients’ facilities remain mouse-free and focused on their core business.

Customisable Contracts for Your Business Needs

Safeguard understands that each cleaning and facility support provider has their specific requirements when it comes to pest control partnerships. That’s why we offer flexible mice control contracts that can be tailored to match your needs. Whether you simply need mice control or want to target multiple pests, Safeguard will structure an ideal partnership package.

Our Services Integrate Seamlessly Into Yours

We’ll seamlessly coordinate with your teams to schedule visits and facilitate unified billing under your provider account. Our contracts allow you to offer ongoing mice control to clients without having to handle the logistics internally. With real-time communication and unified visit scheduling, we’ll operate as an extension of your team.

Our mice control will align perfectly with your facility management services to offer clients a true one-stop shop for their property needs. Our technicians will work closely with your onsite teams to conduct discreet inspections and treatments that won’t disrupt your cleaning schedule or procedures. We’ll strategically time visits to occur before or after your staff’s service slots.

Improve Your Service Offerings Today

With Safeguard Pest Control as your partner, you can proactively protect the facilities you service. We bring decades of mice control expertise that seamlessly complements your cleaning services.

Strengthen your business offerings, tap into incremental revenue, and provide the comprehensive facility management London’s most prestigious properties seek. Contact us today to discuss bundling Safeguard Pest Control’s industry-leading mice control services into your packages.