Expert Pigeon Control Across London

While an iconic element of London, pigeons are disruptive, damaging, and dangerous around commercial properties. Whether they’re blocking drains, contaminating food, or spreading diseases like E.coli, it’s crucial to take action to deal with ongoing pigeon issues, and to ensure they do not recur through preventative measures.

Safeguard Pest Control performs expert pigeon control work across London. Offering management, prevention, and hawking services, we’ll establish the best methods needed through a thorough survey, before performing all work ourselves, with dozens of technicians across the London area.

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Expert Commercial Pigeon Control Services Across London

Our team is trained and equipped to handle all bird and pigeon-related issues at your London property, whether that’s dealing with an ongoing pigeon problem or preventing future issues. Everything starts with a comprehensive survey of your site. Our surveyor will write a clear report for you, outlining your issues and the best actions to take, with a clear quote for costs.

We can handle all regular pigeon control services ourselves, and we only outsource work for certain specialist tasks like advanced abseiling when dealing with pest birds. This ensures both a consistent level of quality, and a clear line of communication with customers. Over our 3 decades of experience, we’ve worked with clients like Canary Wharf and The Royal Opera House, with a team of dedicated technicians based in the London area.

Why Choose Safeguard Pest Control?

We perform both single jobs and long-term contract work for commercial clients across the London area, offering stellar pigeon management and deterrence, including hawking. We distinguish ourselves from other pest control companies through our in-house work, modern methods, and great customer service.

  • Expert In-House Work: We employ surveyors, technicians, and specialists, ensuring that our expert team can complete all standard work in London. Our pigeon control specialists are qualified for rope work, level 2 abseiling, confined spaces, and more.
  • Forward Thinking Methods: We have long pushed for modernisation within the industry, looking to prioritise prevention and safe treatments. The same is true of our pigeon control, with carefully implemented methods designed to block and discourage access, alongside our environmentally friendly hawking services.
  • Friendly Team: We prioritise the human element, from our customer service team to our detailed reports laying out exactly what work needs to be done. By keeping work in-house we’ll also be able to handle everything ourselves, with a single point of contact throughout.

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Why Pigeon Control is so Important

Pigeons cause myriad issues for homes and businesses across London. For commercial or public buildings, these issues can damage your property, harm your staff and customers, and necessitate major work over time. 

Pigeons can access a building through doors, damaged areas of a roof, or through poorly designed areas. Once inside, they can cause damage to items inside, and can also nest inside a building. Pigeon droppings can carry a range of serious diseases like salmonella and ornithosis, posing a health risk to those in the building.

The external areas of a building can also be affected by pigeons. Within London, larger buildings like hospitals can contain many areas where pigeons will nest, with bird droppings corroding roofs over time. Pigeon nests can also bring bird mites and other insects to a building. 

If you wish to have a safe, clean, and positive environment, the presence of pigeons within or outside your building must be carefully restricted. This is why our professional bird control services in London are so crucial.

Our Preventative Pigeon Control Methods

We consider our work to be bird management rather than strict control, aiming to carefully deal with current pigeon presence and ensure that birds are prevented from accessing a property in the future. Everything we do will be fully in accordance with general licensing.

  • Pigeon Management: We subscribe to modern pest control methodologies, where the focus is on prevention and careful application of treatments. Our team will be able to implement a management program at your site if you have ongoing pigeon issues, utilising tools like alarms alongside careful monitoring to ensure that your building is fully clear of birds.
  • Pigeon Proofing: Much of our work is focused on stopping pigeons from roosting in internal or external areas of your building. This is accomplished primarily through the use of bird spikes and bird netting, which our team will carefully justify through their reporting prior to installation. We never aim to harm birds through these methods, with funnels installed within the nets ensuring birds cannot become trapped inside them.
  • Hawking: We also offer a hawking service, with guided bird of prey flights around your building to discourage nesting. We have our own hawking specialists and carefully care for our birds. This is an environmentally friendly and effective pigeon control strategy.

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For any pigeon or bird problems in a London property, our team is available to offer professional and friendly service. Everything starts with a thorough survey, after which we’ll make you a cost report laying out exactly what methods are needed. From there, our expert team will work with you to manage your pigeon issues and prevent further disruption.

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