Experienced Pest Control in NORTH LONDON

Experienced Pest Control in North London

Pests can bring chaos to commercial or residential properties, causing damage, spreading illness and disease, and losing you vital business. 

North London and North West London face several problems relating to pests, including insects like cockroaches, rodents such as rats burrowing in through entry points, and larger birds causing disruption. When looking to deal with a pest problem it’s vital to take immediate and decisive action with a reputable pest control company.

Safeguard Pest Control operates across North London with a fleet of dedicated technicians ready to combat any and all pests. We work on both emergency pest control and more long-term service contracts, where our team will work to prevent pest infestations within your property. 

Over our 35 years of business in London, we’ve gained 1000s of clients across the commercial and private sectors, protecting restaurants, construction sites, residential housing and more from pests.

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Why Choose Safeguard Pest Control Services?

We distinguish ourselves in the pest control industry through our trained London technicians, our modern business practices, and our fantastic service:

  • Modern Pest Control: Over our 35 years of pest control work in London we’ve continually pushed for modernisation and accountability within the industry, and are proud today to offer a rigorous, tracked, and justified process for every customer. All work we perform will be logged through a tracking app you’ll be able to use, and we abide by CRRU (Campaign For Responsible Rodenticide Use) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) guides throughout our work. This means an emphasis on prevention, and the careful use of chemical and biological products only as a follow-up to other methods.
  • London-Based Technicians: We have dozens of technicians located across North London, North West London, and the rest of the city. With a few specialist exceptions, all work is handled by our team, who have the training and equipment for dealing with pests like insects, rodents, and birds. For our long-term contracts, you’ll work with the same technician each time whenever possible, a friendly face who understands your property. Our work and service are backed up by several recognised accreditations.
  • Great Customer Service: You’ll always speak to a real person when you call us, and we understand the importance of pairing you with a technician who understands the local area.
  • Environmental Commitments: We have made many changes to our business to make it more sustainable, from moving to electric vehicles to deploying foot technicians in popular London areas. 

Clients looking for a more comprehensive pest control solution in North London can take advantage of our bespoke contracts, designed to offer everything you need in one easy place.

24-Hour Pest Control Contracts in North London

For commercial clients, having a professional pest control plan in place not only means you’ll receive a swift and cost-effective solution to any pest infestations, it also means that small issues can be stopped before they grow into something more serious. We offer tailored pest control contracts to North London clients, built entirely around your location, building, and business.

It all starts with a survey of your property, where our technician will look for current pest signs, potential entry points and other areas of concern, alongside the specific pest risks within your area. We’ll then work with you on a bespoke service contract offering everything you’ll need to keep your location pest free, with 24-hour emergency cover and no hidden costs.

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The Pests We Encounter in North and North West London

North London contains a huge mixture of buildings and areas, from the houses of parliament to large residential boroughs. Our team works across everything from restaurants, shared housing, shops, construction sites, and much more, tailoring our commercial pest control contracts around the needs of each client. Here are some of the types of pests we deal with in North and North West London:

  • Rats and Mice: Rodents are rife within North London, thanks to the dense urban architecture, large bodies of water, and the sheer volume of food sources. Should rats or mice get into a business they can spread disease, put off customers or residents, and destroy wiring and other equipment. Our team will utilise CRRU adhering methods to rid your location of rodents.
  • Birds: We offer a three-pronged approach to birds, with bird proofing, bird control, and hawking, all of which can be factored into one of our service contracts. Our team is ready to safely and effectively protect your building from birds.
  • Wasps: Thanks to the array of parks and eating areas in North London, wasps can be a severe threat during the summer months. Our North London pest controllers will be able to effectively treat and deter wasps around your location, alongside wasp nest removal.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are a threat to locations like hotels and shared housing, posing a series of risks to residents and harming the reputation of a company. Our team has the equipment and experience to permanently remove bed bugs.

Here are just some of the businesses we can work with across North London

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