Experienced Pest Control Across Hackney

Experienced Pest Control Across Hackney

Pests within a home or business can have a dramatically negative impact, harming the quality of life, damaging revenue, and potentially harming the building itself. Offering effective long-term pest control across Hackney, our technicians have the skills and equipment to stop infestations in their tracks, with an emphasis on prevention. 

Safeguard Pest Control is a professional and friendly choice for clients of all sizes. We offer tailored pest control contracts, where our team will work with you on a bespoke plan that covers all your needs and the risks to your property, 24 hours a day. From rats to mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, pigeons, and more, our team will keep your building pest free.

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Our Expert Pest Control Services in London

Over our 35 years of pest control work in London, we’ve established ourselves as a name to trust, while pushing for innovation and regulation within the industry. Here are just some of the reasons we are the ideal pest control company in Hackney for your home or business:

  • Trained and Certified Team: Safeguard Pest Control have comprehensive experience, both across Hackney and across the many types of pests that threaten a commercial property or residential home. Our understanding of the area, from Hackney Central to Hackney Wick, and our history of tackling everything from rats to feral pigeons, means we’re equipped for any problem. We detail our many accreditations on a dedicated page.
  • Fantastic Service: We aim to offer a personal service to clients at all times. Whenever you call us you’ll speak to a real person, who’ll be able to quickly assist you. We have a team of pest technicians based across London, and aim to use the same person for each client whenever possible. This helps to ensure that you’ll be working with a friendly professional who understands your business and building. We can also offer 24-hour callouts to deal with issues when they arise, and conduct work at hours that suit your business
  • Responsible and Effective Pest Control: We’re firm believers in accountability within pest treatment, with an emphasis on prevention. All work we carry out will be logged through a service tracker that you can access, and we utilise IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) principles to govern our work, meaning that chemical or biological pest control methods must be justified before use.
  • Modern Innovations: We’ll utilise remote monitoring systems, and modern technological traps to aid our pest control in Hackney. This includes items like the TrapMe system which offers real-time rodent capture tracking, and Green Drain which is used for controlling fly breeding.

Clients will further benefit from our service contracts, where our team will work with you on a plan that covers all current and potential pest threats to your building, ensuring you have the regular protection you need.

Bespoke Pest Control Contracts in Hackney

Relying on emergency pest control in Hackney makes you liable to sudden bills, infestations being allowed to grow, and smaller threats going unnoticed. Safeguard Pest Control offers an all-in-one solution, with contracts that cover everything you’ll need to keep a business pest free. It all starts with a survey, where our team will carefully assess your building, looking for both signs of pests and potential entry points. They will also consider pest problems specific to your business, or from the local area, like the water sources of Hackney Marshes. This means that restaurants, shops, houses, or blocks of flats could have significantly different needs.

From there, we’ll work with you on a bespoke contract built around the needs of your property, so that you’ll only be paying for the services you need, with no surprises along the way. This approach allows us to make competitive offers to a variety of businesses across Hackney, tailoring our pest services to fit them. We’re happy to have many long-term clients, and glowing reviews from companies including Tesco, Westfield Shopping Centre, and Biffa.

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Why Pest Control is Essential Across Hackney

Our team of local technicians is ready to eliminate the full range of pests across Hackney. We cater to a huge range of businesses and locations, and can build a long-term service plan tailored to your needs, wherever your location:

  • Hackney Central: Combining central retail areas, Regent’s Canal, and the greenery of London fields, there is a range of commercial businesses within Hackney Central that can save both money and time through a regular pest control contract. 
  • Hackney Marshes: Hackney Marshes features greenery and water, perfect for spreading insects. Our team are equipped to deal with all insect issues including wasps, flies, ants, spiders, and cockroaches.
  • Hackney Wick: This area is currently the site of massive amounts of construction and development. Pest control within construction is extremely important, with risks from disturbed habitats, food waste, and modular offices or toilets.
  • South Hackney: South Hackney features many rental locations, where adequate pest control is essential. Our team will be able to work with you on regular or emergency pest control work within your homes, helping to preserve the buildings whilst avoiding the use of chemicals unless completely necessary.

Whatever your business or location, we’ll be able to offer you a thorough and professional service, with our pest control contracts helping to keep your Hackney property safe.

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