Emergency Pest Control in London

Emergency Pest Control Services in London

Whatever pests are threatening your property, be they rats, cockroaches, or pigeons, you need prompt and thorough action to minimise harm and restore it to full working order. 

With dozens of trained technicians located across London, Safeguard Pest Control have the equipment and experience required to deal with all common pest problems in-house, offering quick and effective solutions for commercial and residential clients, 24 hours a day, and covering all areas of London.

Over our 35 years of operation across London, we’ve dealt with the full range of insects, rodents, and birds, continually modernising our techniques and technology. Call a member of our friendly customer service team now to get started. 

Choosing Safeguard For Emergency Pest Control In London

When dealing with a pest emergency, it’s important to choose a service that has the training, equipment, and systems needed. Safeguard Pest Control has earned a stellar reputation in London and beyond, alongside a string of accreditations for our work.

  • Trained Technicians: We have over 40 technicians working for us across London, ready to handle all types of pests effectively, leaving your home or business pest free. Our team is fully accredited by organisations like BCPA and CHAS, ensuring that each customer gets the quality service they need.
  • Cutting Edge Equipment: We continually seek out the latest innovations in the pest world, and can utilise equipment like our remote TrapMe systems within your location. All our work is precisely logged via our cloud-based service tracker, giving you quick and easy access.
  • Modernised Pest Control: We have long pushed for responsibility and change within the industry, operating with a clear system in place for work. While we prioritise prevention, our team is equipped for treating more serious infestations, guided by CRRU (Campaign For Responsible Rodenticide Use) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) codes of best practice.

Our pest control experts can deal with your pests fast, effectively, and safely. 

Our 24-Hour Services For Your Business

For many clients in the commercial sector, it’s crucial to have pest control work completed out of hours. Visible pest control within restaurants and shops can have a negative impact on your business, and we will be able to tailor our work to assist you. Simply speak to a member of our team and we will do our best to accommodate all of your needs while dealing with your pest emergency.

Get Protected 24/7 With a Pest Control Contract

A pest emergency can be more than just a problem for your business to deal with, for many it is a wake-up call about their need for thorough pest control. Pest infestations are often preventable, and with a careful program of monitoring, cleaning, and deterrence can be avoided entirely or in part. To aid with this Safeguard Pest Control offers tailored commercial pest control contracts across London.

Our team will conduct a detailed survey of your site, cataloguing any current pest issues, and looking at potential entry points, pest threats specific to your business or location, and more. From there, we’ll be able to work with you on a bespoke service contract, ensuring that the regular maintenance you need and cover for all relevant pests is available.



The Pests We Deal With in London

As a pest control service in London, we’ve dealt with a huge range of emergency issues. London is the perfect mix of ageing buildings, busy shared spaces, and other environmental factors, making it a breeding ground for pests like rats and mice, which can threaten a residential or commercial property. 

Our team is ready to deal with whatever emergency may have arisen 24/7, with the training and equipment needed to tackle it:

  • Rats: Rats are perhaps the most iconic London pest alongside the pigeon, and can wreak havoc on a wide range of businesses, ruining products, spreading illness, and putting off customers. Through CRRU-guided pest control methods, our team will be able to remove rats from a property and seal any entry holes.
  • Mice: Mice also pose severe risks, and our team is experienced in locating and removing them from a property. They can be particularly damaging to cabling, electrics, and pipework. Mice are often heard before they are seen, so if you are concerned about scratching or small noises within walls contact our team today.
  • Insects: We are equipped to deal with the full range of insects encountered in London, from cockroaches to bed bugs, to wasps. Insects are attracted to certain building types and environmental conditions, and alongside removal, our team can work with you to remedy the issues that led to the infestation.
  • Birds: From pigeons to sparrows to starlings, there are a wealth of wild birds within the UK and London which can cause issues to a property. We operate a 3 section approach, with bird proofing, bird control, and hawking, enabling us to protect you from pest birds wholly in-house.

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