Comprehensive Pest Control in East London

Comprehensive Pest Control in East London

The presence of pests within a residential or commercial property can be disastrous. Whether that’s a restaurant risking penalisation, a shop or office block risking lost trade, or a property risking structural damage, it’s crucial to have a plan in place to combat all pest intrusions, preferably before they start.

Operating across East London, Safeguard Pest Control works with businesses of all sizes, offering bespoke pest control contracts designed to ensure your property is completely protected. We have dozens of our own technicians working in London, and will tailor our service with the aim of preventing any potential outbreaks, utilising extensive tracking and abiding by the latest IPM guidelines.

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All-In-One Pest Control Contracts in East London

We believe that no two companies, buildings, or locations are the same, and that each pest control contract we collaborate on should recognise that. This starts with a survey of your East or South East London properties. 

Our team will utilise their knowledge of your building’s condition, the risks posed by its use, and the prevalence of pests within the local area. Within East London, this could mean factoring in things like distance from the Thames, nearby parks, or the cracks and entry points that can form on older buildings. Whether your risks are from rats, mice, cockroaches, birds, or many more, we have the training and equipment to tackle them, including 24-hour trap monitoring in high-risk areas.

Each contract is designed to cover exactly what your property requires, never including services you won’t need, and avoiding additional costs at later dates. Whenever possible your business will be paired with a single technician from our team, meaning that you’ll be dealing with a friendly face who understands your business each time. 

We handle all standard pest control internally and are able to tackle the vast majority of London’s pests through proven techniques. Prevention will be our primary aim, with site visits able to locate and deal with signs of pests before they become an infestation. Should the worst happen, we’ll be there 24 hours a day, ready to make your property pest free with minimal levels of disruption.

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What Makes Safeguard Pest Control Different?

Thanks in part to the wealth of pests within East and South East London and an increased emphasis on safety standards in the wake of Covid, we have worked with a huge range of residential and commercial clients over our 30+ years in the area, giving them peace of mind that their buildings are fully protected. 

We have distinguished ourselves from other pest control companies thanks to our fair and upfront contracts, our stellar customer service, and our place at the forefront of industry modernisation:

  • A Truly Modern Pest Control Company: Across our decades within the pest control industry, we have continually pushed for accreditation, modernisation, and accountability. This is reflected in every aspect of our service, from the cloud-based service tracker you’ll be able to access, to our implementation of the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) hierarchy and the CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) code of best practice. This approach places an emphasis on prevention, and requires our team to justify any use of biological or chemical products.
  • Amazing Service: Day or night, you’ll always speak to a real person when you call Safeguard. From a regular in-house technician who’ll know the ins and outs of your building, to our friendly and prompt customer service team, we prioritise great customer service for all clients, leading to many long-term relationships across East London and further.
  • Backed up by Accreditations: Our accreditations page lists some of the numerous schemes we are approved by, showcasing the excellence of our service, the many different jobs our qualified pest technicians are certified to work on, and our commitments to sustainability as a company.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services in East and South East London

Each area of London is different when it comes to pest control, and when working within East and South East London our pest control technicians will utilise their knowledge of the local geography and types of pests prevalent within the area. While our contract system allows us to build a thorough and competitively priced contract around any commercial business, here are some of the areas we can cover in East London.

  • Construction Sites: East London is always in a state of change, with large building sites a regular occurrence. Building sites can disturb areas, potentially creating pest problems, but they also house rubbish bins with food, and modular office and toilet buildings that are prone to rats and mice. Our team will be able to keep your construction site in East London clean, clear, and functioning
  • Restaurants: East London is home to hundreds of restaurants, who will find their business dramatically impacted by the presence of pests, with swift consequences from both environmental health officers and members of the public. Our team have extensive experience within restaurants and food preparation areas, understanding how to minimise risks and effectively tackle outbreaks. Our 24-hour service means we can schedule work around your operational hours.
  • Rented Housing: Within East London, there are many agencies or individuals renting out properties, and ensuring that they are free of pests like bed bugs is crucial to meet the expectations of your renters, and to protect buildings from damage. Our careful approach means we will avoid utilising chemical pesticides unless absolutely necessary, minimising our disruption to a living environment.

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