Expert Bird Control Solutions in London

From pigeons to starlings, birds can wreak havoc on a commercial property, accessing internal spaces, nesting within roof areas, and leaving toxic droppings wherever they go which spread diseases like E.coli and salmonella.

It’s crucial therefore to take action to protect your property from birds, and with legal regulations in place, to choose a company that will utilise a range of traditional and modern techniques to proof buildings across London.

Safeguard Pest Control undertakes comprehensive bird control services across London, either for individual treatments or as part of a long-term service contract. We offer bird management, bird proofing, and hawking services, all of which are performed in-house by our skilled and friendly team.

Whatever your bird issues in London, speak to a member of our team today, and we can organise a site survey at a time that suits you.

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How Our Bird Control Service Works

Within London, our bird control specialists predominantly work on individual commercial contracts, which will always start with a thorough site survey by a member of our team. We never outsource our general work, ensuring a consistently high level of quality.

Once our surveyor has analysed your problem, be that nesting birds, seasonal issues, or damage to a building, they’ll put together a detailed quote for the best course of action. We aim to give our clients everything they need to know in a detailed report, laid out clearly and concisely, with an upfront price.

We can also work with a London location or business through a long-term pest control contract, which can include our effective bird control services. Our contracts offer 24-hour access to the services you need, with each contract tailored around the specific needs of a property or group of properties. Safeguard Pest Control has worked with businesses across London for decades, with dozens of dedicated technicians based in the London area.

What Makes Safeguard Pest Control Different?

There are several key benefits to choosing Safeguard for your bird and pest control work in London.

  • Thorough and documented work: 

We prioritise both the high quality of our work and clear documentation for customers. This starts with our surveys and reports, where we’ll lay out the exact issues at your property and the treatment we believe is your best option. This could be bird proofing with nets and spikes, bird management with alarms, or hawking with guided flights from birds of prey. All of our professional bird control work in London is carried out by our team, ensuring a consistent level of quality. We will carefully abide by the latest general licensing around birds, with a focus on management, deterrence, and proofing.

  • Friendly and professional team: 

We believe in being a human-first company, and you’ll always talk to a real person when you call us. This approach extends to all work, which we never outsource except for certain specialist tasks. Our surveyors and technicians will be able to talk you through exactly what they are doing and why, and will have the training and equipment needed to accomplish a huge range of bird control tasks. They will also hold a range of qualifications for tasks like rope work, tower servicing, and confined spaces.

  • Forward thinking methods: 

Over our 3 decades of work, Safeguard Pest Control has continually pushed for modernisation and accountability within the industry. We prefer to think of our work as bird management, with a clear emphasis on prevention.

Our Preventative Bird Control Methods

We work with a huge range of commercial clients across London, from shops to hospitals, alongside recognisable properties like Canary Wharf and The Royal Opera House. Our bird control services can be split into three categories; Bird Management, Bird Proofing, and Hawking.

  • Bird Management: Forward-thinking pest control needs more humane and ethical treatments to deal with ongoing bird issues. Our team will utilise modern bird management technologies like alarms to clear birds from a site. We will closely comply with all rules around bird control.
  • Bird Proofing: We find bird and pigeon proofing to be the best solution for many of our clients. This will typically involve the installation of bird netting and bird spikes at key locations across your building, such as around air conditioning units. These are intended to deter, never to trap or hurt birds, and we will include funnels to allow any birds caught within nets to escape. Our team will carefully analyse a site before undertaking bird proofing, ensuring they are confident any work will be functional in the long term.
  • Hawking: Hawking is our other key service, which will involve using a bird of prey as a deterrent before a nesting season. As nesting birds cannot be disturbed, the goal of this work will be to keep pest birds from nesting on your property. This is a safe, environmentally friendly technique, with demonstrable results. We have our own hawking team, with birds that are carefully trained and cared for by specialists.

Within London, we will often be dealing with pigeons, which cause issues across the capital. Whether it’s feral pigeons causing disruption, pigeon nests on your property, or pigeon droppings potentially spreading disease, these problems will need to be addressed through effective pigeon control services.

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