How to Prevent Starlings Nesting Using Bird Control

Starlings are extremely clever when it comes to choosing their nesting site but with bird control you can ensure they’re nowhere near your residences.

They’ll find their way into a loft, under the barge boards and just about anywhere there is a cavity large enough for them to squeeze into. Although their ingenuity is admirable it’s not when they disturb you with their noise and mess.

As with many things in life, prevention is better than cure, so as soon as the weather starts to warm up in early spring you need to set about putting preventative bird control measures in place. Leave it too late and the starlings will have built their nest and will already be a nuisance.

So what’s the best way to prevent starling nesting on/in your property? There are several different methods and approaches you can take.

Be proactive and seal any cavities and gaps where starlings have nested before, as they do have a tendency to return to nesting sites.

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If you can see a gap you think they may take a shine to, seal it before they start nest building.

If you find they’ve built a nest but haven’t laid any eggs, remove the nest and immediately fill the gap.

Seal gaps and cavities with strong cloth, metal flashing or vent covers. You can also use plastic netting or screens, the type you use to prevent flies from getting in through your windows. Whatever material you use, it must  be tight fitting. Leave any gaps and the chances are any really determined birds will get through.

If the eggs have already hatched it’s best to suffer the inconvenience and wait for the young to fledge, usually about 3 weeks. Once all the young have left the nest remove it and make sure you plug the gap to stop a second brood from being raised.

Starlings that have made a nest in vents can cause accidents by blocking it – if this is the case, call in the experts and ask for their advice and guidance. They’ll know the best course of action to take in these situations.

Don’t use the appliance with the vent until you’re sure the nest has been removed and any debris cleared.

For further information on keeping starlings at bay through bird control, and investing in quality deterrents that are guaranteed, call Safeguard Pest Control on 0800 328 4931.

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