How to get rid of woodlice using pest control

A single woodlouse, (pea bugs and roly-polies are also commonly used names due to the woodlouse’s ability to roll itself into a ball when in danger) may not bother you too much, however, an infestation of woodlice (the plural for woodlouse) is usually a sign that your home has sufficient damp and decaying wood for them to thrive. If this happens in your home or business it means it’s time to call pest control professionals immediately.

There are different ways to get rid of them, some won’t harm them, while other pest control methods involve the use of commercial chemicals which will kill them. There are of course other ‘home remedies’ which may be worth investigating if you have a woodlice problem. Whether they actually work or not is questionable.

How to get rid of woodlice without using chemicals pest controls:

It’s worth mentioning that woodlice aren’t harmful to health. If fact, in the garden they are one of nature’s cleaners, clearing up rotting leaves and debris on your behalf. They’re also useful in your compost bin as they’ll help to turn your rotting fruit and vegetables into organic matter.

It’s also worth knowing that woodlice won’t actually come into your home and start munching their way through your woodwork or wood furniture, despite what you may have been told or heard. In reality, they only eat what’s already decaying. They simply take advantage of what’s readily available.

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  • Sweep them up with a dust pan and brush and put them back outside, a sufficient distance away from your house, where they belong.
  • Use the nozzle attachment of your hoover and suck them up – empty the contents of your hoover bag or cylinder into the compost bin.
  • Prevent them from getting into your home by making sure you don’t have any damp, moist places which will attract them.
  • Clear away leaves and debris from the outside walls of your home, especially near ventilation bricks and grilles.
  • Keep your outside drains and gutters clear of debris.
  • Plug any gaps around windows and doors using sealant or caulking.
  • Keep your home completely dry and warm and they’ll soon find somewhere else to live.
  • Move flowerpots and flower containers away from window ledges and doors.

How to get rid of woodlice using commercial chemicals pest controls:

  • Woodlice can be killed using ant and insects powders – just sprinkle the area where they live with the powder (following the manufacturer’s instructions) and they’ll soon be dead. Powders are also advisable rather than sprays if the infestation is near electricity plugs or in kitchens.
  • Chemical sprays are also an effective way of getting rid of them and work extremely fast.
  • Fumers and foggers can get rid of an infestation swiftly. These are particularly useful for hard to reach places as the fumes and mists will get to the smallest places.

Always read the ingredients and warnings when using chemicals as some are harmful to humans and pets.

Home remedies for getting rid of woodlice:

  • Hairspray is said to be an effective treatment.
  • Using a blowtorch is one of the most used home treatments – this method is NOT recommended as woodlice live near wood – need we say more?

As you can see there are plenty of ways to get rid of woodlice from your home. If you don’t fancy the idea for tackling them yourself you can always call in pest control experts to solve the problem for you.

For further information on keeping pest control on woodlice at bay call Safeguard Pest Control on 0800 328 4931.

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