Reliable & Professional Garden Pest Control Services

Reliable & Professional Garden Pest Control Services

Safeguard residential pest control
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Growing one’s food and decorating a garden is a labour of love for most people, but there is a great sense of frustration when you see that work becomes damaged by squirrels, rats, other critters and various invasive species of insect. However, it is entirely possible to handle any unwanted neighbours detracting from your garden by using effective pest control.

Safeguard provides effective garden pest control for any house and garden setting where plants or flowers require protection. With non-chemical options available from our base in the Midlands of the UK you can enjoy a vegetable garden free of rats and plant beds free of rats, or eliminate any other problem you might be having. Our services are also the best option for keeping insects such as ants or ladybirds out of your home and garden.

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Our services are suitable for domestic home and garden pest control but we can also offer services to businesses that have any grounds or outside areas with flowers or plants. Using our garden pest control services is also useful for residential flats with shared garden areas. Our solutions are very reliable and entirely bespoke to your situation. 

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What Our Garden Pest Control Services Help With

There is a feeling that growing plants can be a difficult task without expensive devices to protect areas from access by unwanted creatures, who seek to live off the nutrition that many garden plants provide.

You might feel the only option is to use advanced plant protection strategies similar to commercial farms. However, our reliable services provide long-lasting solutions for pest control in gardens and many other areas. Our home and garden services take into account the most common species prevalent in UK gardens and offer you a non-chemical solution, suitable for vegetable gardens and spaces where humans will interact with plants. We can provide organic pest control options that eliminate the need to spray for or squash bugs.

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Advantages of our pest control services include the following:

  • Pet and animal safe: We can provide a solution for your garden that is safe for your pets and other animals that are not a significant threat to your plants or vegetables. These may include rat boxes, which only small rodents can access and target rats specifically, without causing any additional impact on the environment.
  • Protecting food sources: A vegetable garden can attract rats but we can provide methods of protecting food sources by using non-chemical oil sprays that certain species will avoid. We can similarly find ways of dealing with invasive insects, which can be difficult to target by yourself. With our experience, we can find an option that is suitable for your situation.
  • Protecting bird feeders: Bird feeders can be adapted so that they still offer food sources for birds while preventing them from squirrels. We can offer replacement options or strategies to discourage squirrels and other nimble creatures from climbing upon bird feeders. The result is you only encourage species that will not harm your garden.
  • Protect the foundations of garden sheds and outbuildings: We can easily install professional pest control solutions into foundations and other nooks and crannies where critters can nest. Getting rat poison into an undershed space is a great way to target rats deep within their breeding areas, and we can help with highly selective targeting that is also discreet.

If you have a dedicated plant building, such as a greenhouse, we can provide advice to help you make sure it is suitable for withstanding digging from squirrels and doesn’t have any small gaps where other rodents or insects can pass through.

Our services provide you with the option to implement scalable solutions, meaning they will be suitable for large and commercial garden areas. If you run a garden centre and have discovered an issue we can help with this too. We can also provide ongoing support in any garden, depending on your needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Garden Pest Control?

We have an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, and we can act fast to provide effective solutions. 

Rats in the garden not only cause undesirable conditions for your outdoor space, but they can also spread disease and cause other damage. It is important to get a reliable and effective outcome, which is why you should choose us.

Our services come with the following advantages:

  • A free site survey.
  • Recommendations for preventative measures.
  • Access to expert equipment and skilled pest control technicians.
  • A full report for any ongoing visits and assessments.
  • Digital planning and excellent efficiency.

When it comes to garden pest control, you might worry about the potential impact on beneficial insects or soil quality. However, our professional pest control solutions come with a strong environmental commitment.

You will get exceptional levels of service, even in emergencies, and we can advise you on any unique aspect of your situation.

Get Rid of Rats, Prevent Squirrels and Eliminate Insects in Your Garden

Our services guarantee professional and effective garden pest control solutions, no matter the nature of the problem you are facing. If you are looking to prevent rat droppings, squirrel digging, invasive insects or a combination of things we can create a bespoke solution at a cost-effective price.

Using non-chemical options we can deliver garden pest control solutions that are not toxic and will not disturb the equilibrium of any plant or vegetable garden area. Our services are available in the Midland region and the UK.

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