Do you need bird control in your eating area?

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The sun is shining and there’s nothing like escaping the office or workplace to eat your lunch, soak up some rays and get some much-needed fresh air to clear your head, until you wished someone could outside!

Lunch is no fun if you’re swooped by gulls or plagued by pigeons. However, there are some easy bird controls that you may be able to persuade your employers to put in place to enable you to eat without feeling obliged to share your lunch with the local birds.

Pest birds love nothing more than a free meal; especially overflowing waste bins in open courtyards, where it’s easy to land, and they will fly in. They’ll stay around to see what pickings they can be given, or they can find. Furthermore, birds will also leave their droppings which can soon lead to the courtyard being an unpleasant place to sit. The droppings are not only unpleasant to accidentally sit on; they’re also known to carry diseases, including e.coli and salmonella. Touch the droppings and inadvertently hold your food in the same hand and you may well end up having a very upset stomach.


There are bird control measures which are perfect for keeping larger birds, such as gulls and pigeons, from landing on your building. Sometimes netting is suitable, preventing birds from even entering the area.  The mere fact they have no easy access to a food source means there is little reason for them to hang around.

are also a useful ways of getting rid of pest birds as they don’t allow larger pest birds to perch, roost or nest on the area of installation. There are various colours and designs available so you will be able to choose the ones that suit your premises the best. Installation of anti-perch spikes should always be carried out by a professional company, as if wrongly installed you may just have provided an even more suited location for the pest birds.

For further information on keeping pest birds , and investing in quality deterrents that are guaranteed, call Safeguard Pest Control on 0800 328 4931.

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