You cannot sit by and let a pigeon problem get out of hand, their waste and droppings cause legitimate damage to public health and their mess pollutes the environment. Our position as one of the leading pigeon removal companies in the UK gives us the ability to quickly remove pigeons humanely, to avoid all these problems. After removal, we can install preventative bird proofing equipment.

There is significant structural damage done to buildings by pigeons and their nests. The damage to homeowners in cities from nests and constant perching is obvious thanks to the mess they leave. However, a group of wood pigeons will cause significant damage in a more rural home, from its nesting and waste, too.

When it comes to pigeon removal, we are the best option for the most effective outcomes. Your pigeon population will reduce by up to 70%. With experience dating back to 1990, we have seen our share of unique situations, and we are confident we can find a solution bespoke to your needs.

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As providers of a variety of pest control and bird control in the Midlands of the UK, we can offer services that use a variety of approaches. We will work with you on the best strategy. While an initial removal may be beneficial, installation of some bird spikes in key areas may provide a better or as effective outcome.

We realise it can be difficult to understand precisely what the best pigeon control options are, so we are happy to provide a free report with recommendations before we start. You can then choose to opt for the conclusion of our full report, for the best result, or pick a lower service level.

When we remove pigeons we will do the following:

  • Set traps: Trapping allows us to humanely get the pigeons under control. We use sophisticated traps that adhere to the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. We will locate the site and survey the best areas for traps, we can then discreetly and intelligently place them for the best outcome.
  • Pre-baiting: Before activating the trap we will take the opportunity to pre-bait the area, which will get the pigeons used to the area before we start trapping. We can then visit the traps, in keeping with all regulations, and the birds can be safely removed avoiding all health hazards.
  • Humane removal: After the pigeons are trapped they can be humanely dispatched, which gives us the chance to discreetly remove them. We will keep a close eye on the trapping levels and provide an extra round of pre-baiting should the number of trapped birds drop.


Our pigeon removal services have an extremely high rate of success and are suitable for industrial or commercial settings. Using trapping is an instantly effective method of bird control, and we can provide additional nest removal. You will see an immediate drop in the pigeon population of up to 70%.

The effectiveness of our pigeon removal services is such that it may take up to 18 months for the pigeon population to recover without any additional trapping.

Pigeon proofing after removal is also possible, and we can bird proof an area with less than lethal control methods – such as bird netting or bird spikes for both feral pigeons or wood pigeons.


We have a reliable history of experience dating back to 1990, and we will deliver a professional-grade installation with long-lasting results. Our services lead us to an excellent reputation for quality.

Our team is a member of many associations and has accreditation by various industry bodies, including the NPTA and SafeContractor. The quality of our service also earns us enthusiastic reviews from clients.


We are the best choice for pigeon removal services that have long-lasting and effective results. Our levels of service make us one of the leading companies that provide waste and pigeon removal in the Birmingham area.

If you would like a humane and professional solution to your pigeon problem then we offer some of the best expertise and equipment in the UK. Get in touch with us today to organise your free site survey.

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