Pigeons are determined and will seek out every opportunity to nest and perch comfortably. As a result, they congregate in roof spaces, on balcony areas and around peoples gardens. The noise from pigeons can be bothersome and the health dangers from pigeon droppings can cause serious harm to people, pets and other animals. We are the best solution for effective pigeon deterrents that frighten birds away and prevent these problems.

The best method of deterring pigeons will depend on your circumstances, but potential options may include ultrasonic bird dispersing devices that emit high-frequency sounds, banger ropes or visual deterrents that resemble predators and act as animal repellents for a range of species.

As experts in a variety of pest control solutions, we can deliver effective pigeon scarer solutions that are some of the best in the UK and will allow you to enjoy your garden or balcony space without the impact of pigeons. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote on pigeon scarers and a fast, reliable result.


A popular method of scaring pigeons and other birds is to use a form of alternative bird control, which can involve many approaches but fundamentally relies on manipulating the birds’ behaviour.

To scare a pigeon there are several options, each relying on a different aspect of the birds’ instincts. Potential bird scarer solutions will manipulate the following:

  • Noise: Pigeons are sensitive to sounds such as loud bangers and ultrasonic sound machines, so using these can reliably scare away pigeons.
  • Sight: Seeing an object can confuse or alarm a pigeon, which will allow you to make a balcony or garden seem like a scary place for them to land.
  • Light: Birds react to bright lights and reflections, as it activates their natural flight response – so using light can effectively scare pigeons away too.

Pigeon scarers are excellent solutions as pigeons are communal, so generations of pigeons can learn that certain areas are unsuitable for them to perch or roost.

When undertaking a pigeon scarer installation project it is important to remember that it is entirely humane, and does not harm the pigeons physically in any way. All the scarer methods we provide will have a harm-free outcome.


Potential pigeons scarer solutions we can help with include the following:


For a fast and effective result using the Avishock system is a good option. This system works by sending a small electric shock to the bird when they land inside the area of a specially laid track. The mild electric shock does not harm the bird.

The main benefit of this system is that it encourages a learned response in the birds and will quickly teach them that this area is out of bounds. Manipulating the avoidance response of birds in this way is especially useful for larger populations.


If you have a pigeon problem that is in a field or larger garden than taking advantage of bio-acoustic systems can effectively disperse congregating birds. The Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic bird deterrents we use emit various distress signals.

This is another method of scaring birds that manipulates their avoidance responses. It teaches large populations of birds that this is not an appropriate environment for them. Many devices are capable of running on solar power, while others are battery-powered.


Decoys that resemble predators are an effective way of alarming a pigeon population, as they are unable to distinguish a real predator with a model decoy. Potential pigeon scarers include false owls, falcons, hawks and other animals.

Some visual deterrents are available as a kite, so they can hang from a thin stand and offer an even more realistic appearance. Visual deterrents may look slightly jarring on smaller balconies, so people should use them in larger gardens or fields.


Banger ropes are an option for professional use only, as the bangers require ignition and cause a small explosion similar to firecrackers. Banger ropes work by lighting one end, which then slowly burns and bangs at regular intervals.

A banger rope will simulate the sound of a shotgun blast for pigeons and scares them away very effectively.  However, banger ropes are only suitable for farms, agricultural areas and very large open spaces as they are quite powerful.


Our services put us up against a range of pests, and we have extensive experience in dealing with substantial infestations as well as minor annoyances. As a result, we can come up with a bespoke solution for your needs that is professional, reliable and cost-effective.

We have a specialist team with full safety training, and we are SafeContractor approved. Our experts will offer you a free site survey and full report at no cost – so you are clear on what the best options are before we start. Our services are delivered in line with our commitment to sustainability and the environment.


Scaring pigeons away can help teach pigeons behaviours that will spread within the local populations for generations, meaning there is a consistent benefit. Noise and visual deterrents can easily scare pigeons away from your space.
Many pigeon scarer solutions are simple and low-maintenance, as well as offering a much more discrete look in comparison to stainless steel bird spikes or bird netting. For a quick and professional pigeon scarer solution simply contact us.

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