Pigeons and other nesting birds can cause extensive damage and noise problems in many roof and balcony spaces. Preventive measures, such as pigeon repellents, will help stop the problems from occurring in the first place. Prevention is better than a cure, and we are the best option for effective and long-lasting pigeon repellent solutions that stop any issues from arising.

Many nesting birds find great safety and comfort in the roof spaces of houses, outbuildings and other structures – causing many issues. However, they can also cause a significant risk in terms of health, as their droppings can be dangerous for pets and young children. By using a non-invasive pigeon repellent, you can help stop the birds from nesting – and there are many home remedies that you can try.

We provide a professional, bespoke solution for people with problems that result from pigeon nests – including bird netting, machines that emit ultrasonic sound waves and bird deterrent spikes that work on pigeons and many other smaller birds. As experts in a variety of pest control solutions, we can offer quick and effective pigeon repellent solutions. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote.


Pigeons like cosy nooks and crannies to build their nests in as they offer protection and warmth, and many roofs will offer these qualities and attract pigeons. Many birds have an attraction to balcony railings, roof woodwork or solar panels – so if you have any of these in your building then repellents are a wise choice.

If you have any experience in dealing with bird control you will understand that there is a significant advantage to preventing a problem before it gets out of hand. There is no need to wait and see if the noise disturbances or building damage will become a problem if you have a roof or balcony that is susceptible.

Choosing pigeon repellents is also a harm-free way to control problem birds.


As part of our services, we always aim to provide a quick and professional bird repellent solution that is non-invasive – and bespoke to your needs. There are many potential options, each with their unique benefits, and the best choice will depend on how likely it is that a problem will occur and how extensive it is likely to become without early intervention.

Pigeon repellent options that we can provide include the following devices:

  • Bird spikes: By using our bird spikes, which people also call bird points, you can effectively repel pigeons and prevent them from nesting or perching on a surface – which helps with both nests and pigeon dropping issues. Bird spikes are a completely humane repellent that makes appealing nest areas less attractive to pigeons and other types of birds.
  • Ultrasonic sound waves: If you are looking for a more discreet solution we can provide special machines that will emit ultrasonic sound waves, which disturb the pigeons and repel them from a certain area. Ultrasonic machines use minimal amounts of power and can fit into small spaces; they are a form of alternative bird control.
  • Bird netting: If you have a large area or balcony railings that you know will attract pigeons then bird netting is an effective pigeon repeller. Our bird netting installations are discrete and almost invisible unless you are up close. Bird netting is also a cost-effective and versatile way to encourage birds to nest elsewhere.

Further potential repellers include post and bird wire in addition to solutions that deliver small electric shocks to birds entering a target area. Problems from nesting and perching pigeons are an issue in many towns and cities throughout the UK, but they can also cause significant difficulties in rural areas where sheds, stores and other outbuildings are common.


We have an experienced team that makes use of the best products and tools to provide a long-lasting solution that effectively repels pigeons and other birds. Our services are of a very high standard and are available in many areas within the UK.

Our top-class services provide affordable, professional, fast and reliable ways to repel pigeons that are entirely humane. We also have full safety accreditations, are Safe Contractor approved and maintain a strong environmental commitment throughout all of our work.


Choosing a pigeon repellent can stop problem areas in a building from receiving damage and eliminate the potential health concerns of nesting pigeons or other birds. Options include bird spikes, ultrasonic sound wave machines and other humane methods.

Our team has extensive knowledge and will provide an affordable option to stop pigeons from nesting before an issue arises that will work in many roof and balcony spaces. Make sure you contact us today for a free quote on our pigeon repellent solutions.


The following are some commonly asked questions and further details about pigeon repellents and the services we provide:


Pigeons are sensitive to many things including smells, many of these can be useful for manipulating the pigeon’s behaviour and repelling them from certain areas. Bothersome smells that are top pigeon repellers include spicy smells, such as those from a hot chilli pepper or curry powder, or cinnamon. People can take advantage of the smells that pigeons dislike and create home remedies, which may work for mild pigeon issues. You can try mixing a spice or cinnamon powder with water or vinegar and spraying it onto the affected area.


Aside from making use of smells that pigeons dislike there are many home remedies to repel pigeons effectively. Items that shine or glimmer in the light are disruptive to pigeons natural flight response, so these can be placed in problem areas to encourage them to nest elsewhere. You can try using a mirror, aluminium foil or tin can. Some people also find that the glare from an old CD will also repel birds, and you can hang these similarly to a wind chime near to the area. Brightly-coloured balls may also confuse pigeons, as they can confuse them for the eyes of predators. False owls can also trick pigeons into believing there is a predator nearby and deter them from perching or nesting near that space.


Yes. Vinegar is a strong-smelling product that pigeons do not like, so it can repel pigeons away from a specific space. The best way to use vinegar in this way is to use a spray bottle to evenly coat the area. You will have less chance of repelling pigeons using vinegar by itself than you will if you mix vinegar with other strong-smelling substances. Using vinegar is not a permanent method of bird control, as rain and other factors will remove the smell eventually – meaning you will have to reapply the vinegar if the pigeon problem persists.


One of the best pigeon repellents is an electric track that shocks the birds when they enter a specific area, which is called the Avishock system. The reason that installing an electric track is the best pigeon repellent is that it is a permanent solution. Home remedies, while potentially effective, only work for a short period – and will not be suitable for particularly attractive areas or spaces that are difficult to access, such as those on a high floor. You can also see effective results from bird spikes, specialised machines that emit ultrasonic sound waves and bird netting – but these solutions will require occasional maintenance and replacement in some cases.

Please get in touch with us for a professional pigeon repellent solution.

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