Nesting pigeons and other birds can cause a lot of disruption for homeowners and commercial property owners. Birds can cause noise, excessive mess from droppings, and damage when making their nests in a roof space or balcony. Problems can include damp and potential health issues. However, many excellent pigeon deterrents can alleviate the problem and improve your quality of life.

Possible solutions for pigeon problems include spikes, ultrasonic sound devices, anti-bird gels, trapping and guards to place on areas where birds are likely to nest. Many solutions are simple enough for people to install themselves, and there are a lot of options that are suitable for most settings – including various types of roof, balconies and external walls. A lot of the time a combination approach is the best way to go, as you can then use a multi-pronged deterrent that covers all bases.

Most pigeon deterrents are suitable for DIY and do not come with a huge expense, but some of the more severe pigeon problems may require professional intervention. Bird control is a big issue, and Safeguard are experts in dealing with many types of pest control including pigeons – larger birds and small birds will respond similarly to the deterrents we suggest.

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Bird control can be an issue in any building, particularly those with pitched roofs and other areas where there is a desirable nesting space – such as underneath solar panels. However, pigeon nests can be a problem on flat  surfaces as well – and can cause issues for balconies and window sills too. Feral pigeons and other types of birds seek an area with plenty of shelter from the weather, as well as poorly-lit spaces, and can squeeze into very tight little nooks and crannies. As a result, they can nest in almost any space if the opportunity is there.


If you are looking for a swift solution then choosing to install bird spikes is a good option. The main idea of a bird spike is to prevent roosting, but they also discourage perching and greatly reduce the issues of bird droppings.

You need to be careful with spacing, as placing bird spikes too far away can allow pigeons to build nests between them – in this case, bird spikes may even assist the birds in making more stable and comfortable nests.


  • Low-cost: Pigeons are a big problem in UK towns and cities as well as more rural locations, so extensive control is commonly required. Bird spikes are very cost-effective, making them a great choice for larger roof spaces.
  • Unobtrusive appearance: A clear advantage of bird spikes is that they are so thin that they are barely visible, particularly at long distances. If you have a space where the look of a deterrent will be an issue then spikes work well.
  • Harmless to birds: Spikes might look dangerous to a human, but they do no damage to pigeons or other types of bird. The slim stainless steel spikes simply stop the birds from roosting or perching and are not very sharp.


A very effective type of pigeon control is trapping. The idea is that you disrupt the pigeon community, which relies heavily on social order, and the birds then repopulate in new communities elsewhere. It is a form of alternative bird control.


  • Fast disruption: With a professionally-made trapping program you can easily displace up to 70% of a pigeon community. After trapping is complete the community will take over 18 months on average to recover.
  • Humane dispatching: Traps will not harm the birds at all, and it is possible to release them humanely in areas where they will not cause disruption. Traps are also discreet and strategically placed for the best results.
  • Removal after trapping: Spikes can look unsightly and ultrasonic sound devices can require maintenance or replacement but traps are removable once the trapping is complete – leaving you with a deterrent-free space.

Trapping is very effective and has a lasting impact, but the one disadvantage is that it does not make the space less appealing for pigeons or other birds to nest again in the future. However, it is a discreet, humane and highly effective option.


Many pigeons and other types of birds can be deterred by using ultrasonic sound devices. These machines make use of a wave of sound that is irritating for a pigeon and will cause them to disperse while being inaudible to the human ear.


  • Simple installation: Spikes may take a long time to install, especially over large areas. However, ultrasonic sound devices can work over a big space and evenly spread the sound from a small battery-powered box.
  • Deterrent for multiple pests: Ultrasonic sound devices will make an impact on many types of rodents and other pests, which can be beneficial for roof spaces that have problems with mice and squirrels.
  • Eco-friendly: Using ultrasonic sound devices is very eco-friendly as they use a small amount of power, so battery-powered devices will work effectively for a long time. Solar-powered devices are also available.

You usually need to place your ultrasonic sound devices quite close to where the birds are nesting. Overall, these devices are a discreet pigeon deterrent and can rapidly displace even large volumes of birds as they will reliably trigger their flight reflex.

Pigeon deterrents will work more effectively in different areas, and it is possible that trying different options will be necessary. You can start by using less disruptive deterrents and switching to different methods when required.


The above are some of the most popular and effective methods of deterring pigeons from roosting in domestic or industrial spaces. However, there are a few others that may work if the problem is particularly severe including the following:


Shooting birds will permanently remove the problem of pigeons and can be done with qualified marksmen and following the legislation as set out in the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act.


Removal of a nest can disrupt a pigeon community and dissuade them from nesting in a location again. Removing nests may be difficult in harder to access areas, such as a high-level roof or balcony.


A bird gel, such as the ‘Bird Free’ system, uses a small tray containing a special gel that signals that the area is a threat to the pigeons. Gels work by manipulating the birds’ ultraviolet vision and tricking them.


Safeguard provide reliable and professional pest control solutions around Birmingham and serve other nearby areas in the UK. As providers of affordable and entirely humane pest control, we have the knowledge to recommend the best pigeon deterrents.

Sometimes DIY options are not sufficient. If you have a particularly bothersome issue with pigeons or any other types of bird we can offer a professional deterrent to reduce noise and disruption in both domestic or industrial spaces. Please feel free to contact us today for a free quote on your solution to nesting bird issues.

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