Bed bugs are not just a minor inconvenience, they can cause dangerous bed bug bites that may become worse through infection. We can provide a type of treatment that will not affect any allergies you have and can effectively kill bed bugs in small cracks and crevices. We will provide a quick and cost-effective bed bug exterminator service for you with professional results.

If you manage shared accommodation, a care home, school dormitory or other space then bed bug exterminators are essential. The cost of professional services can vary depending on the size of the space, but there are solutions to suit all levels of space with outstanding results. We can get rid of bed bugs with heat treatments that use hot air, for a non-toxic method of extermination.

You can get in touch with us to get rid of your bed bug problem at a low cost in the local area of Birmingham and the UK. Our team are expert pest controllers and will provide a bespoke bug control solution for your circumstances. We can give you a quote to get rid of your bed bug problem free of charge, please get in touch for more information.


We provide our bed bug exterminator services at the highest professional standards. To determine the level of infestation we will make an initial site visit to test the levels of infestation.

We can assess the signs of a bed bug infestation and determine any potential bed bug hiding spaces to target. After this we will provide the following:

  • Advice on the initial treatment options.
  • Recommendations for preventative measures.
  • Assessment of risk factors and solutions to mitigate them.
  • An accurate and free estimate for the costs of the treatment.

If you are a commercial customer you can benefit from our innovative pest management program for your company. Using this service helps you stay free from any form of pest problem through regular checks and visits.

We can help with bed bug removal in the following common areas:


Even quality mattresses can become the site of a bed bug infestation. If you have a new mattress, you can have a pre-treatment before you even use it to ensure that the mattress is spotless. Older mattresses or those that will be used by multiple people during their product lifecycle can benefit from mattress treatments too.


Although the bed bugs have a name that suggests otherwise, they can appear in almost any fabric. Sometimes they can even appear in curtains, especially if they are at a low level. We can thoroughly clean your carpets to make sure they are completely free from bed bugs. If you require a rug to be cleaned, we can handle this too, even with huge room-sized rugs as well as valuable or antique pieces.


Padded furniture can be difficult to clean at the best of times, with the many cracks and crevices of the joinery making it difficult to access. You can eliminate bed bugs from a bed frame or any other piece of furniture with padding, including sofas, armchairs, futons and outdoor cushions. Using our specialist cleaning equipment you can prolong the life of your living room and other furniture.

As part of the preventative measures we advise, we can offer guidance on anti-bed bug mattress covers. We will provide the best bed bug treatments for your situation and customise a bespoke plan to rid your space of the infestation, to prevent the bed bugs from returning.


We will provide a speedy and efficient service that gives you full access to the advanced skills our team can offer you. Without our reliable tools and the best products on the market you risk an inferior extermination, but using our services you are guaranteed an effective and long-lasting outcome.

By choosing us you will achieve the following:


We recognise the need for speed. If you manage a block of flats, a sufficient bed bug extermination can require extensive work and we can help with taking care of the problem in the fastest possible time. If you have an emergency we are also happy to come in with an immediate response.


We have an extensive history taking us back to 1990 when the company was founded. Since then our experience has led us to many unique situations, which gives us full confidence to guarantee your results. Our team has complete safety training and holds pest control certifications for any specialist equipment.


The result of a bed bug-free space is delivered at a cost-effective price, with solutions available to suit most budgets. The costs of our bed bug exterminator services will vary depending on the level of infestation and the choice of treatment we decide upon. We are happy to provide details on initial treatment costs free of charge.

Our services also garner excellent reviews on leading independent trade sites and the company has many accreditations and associations with industry memberships and trade organisations, which demonstrates our commitment to quality.


We can offer professional results at a cost-effective price to suit most budgets, which will help to eliminate the potential risk of bed bug bites and their associated health issues. You can easily get rid of bed bugs and find peace of mind from our long-lasting results.

By using our recommendations for preventative measures you can benefit from a permanent solution for your bed bug problem, with our friendly services available from our Midlands base and the surrounding local area. Make sure you get in touch with us as soon as possible for your free site survey.

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