Are Spikes an Effective Bird Control Measure?

Plastic or metal spikes are an effective bird control measure to help deter pest birds, such as pigeons, from landing

Anti Bird Spikes

and nesting on horizontal surfaces of buildings. Like all bird control methods, spikes have both pros and cons and while some commercial businesses find them the ideal way to help protect their building, their employees and the public other businesses may find they are less effective.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using spikes to control pest birds.

Advantages of Anti Bird Control Spikes

  • Spikes are relatively easy for professional pest control companies to install; depending on the style of the building.
  • Both metal and plastic spikes have a long life span.
  • Spikes are safe for the environment.
  • They can be placed on hard to reach areas, such as roof tops, or be used on tall buildings.
  • Spikes can be used on virtually any surface material such as brick, stone, plastic, metal, wood and even canvas.
  • The spikes, particularly plastic, can blend well and not spoil the aesthetics of a building.


Disadvantages of Anti Bird Control Spikes

  •  There is a tendency for the spikes to gather feathers, droppings and nesting materials.
  • The spacing between the spikes does allow smaller birds, such as starlings, to be undeterred from landing or roosting.
  • Installed incorrectly, they can be ineffective or even highly dangerous.
  • These rows of vertical spikes or needles can be a very cost effective way to help protect a commercial business. Not only do they help deter the pest birds from landing or nesting, the subsequent knock-on effect means that a business won’t have to worry about the damages bird droppings can cause to the brick and stone work of the building. Furthermore, without the bird droppings, your pathways and entrances shouldn’t become a slip hazard for employees and the public.

Bird control spikes are typically installed vertically, however, due to their versatility, they can be used horizontally or even upside down if required.

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